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Sirron Psychodynamic Wellness

Welcome! At Sirron Psychodynamic Wellness, I will work with you as you embark on a journey toward psychological autonomy, which is essentially mental, emotional, and intellectual freedom. Together we will explore your intra-psychic world, or what is occurring in your mind (subjective reality), and your sociopolitical world (objective reality) that contribute to and/or detract from psychological autonomy.

Tracy M. Norris,DSW, LCSW-R


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Dr. Norris.

"If you don’t know how you feel, you don’t know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, you will not know how to proceed in life”.

Tracy M. Norris


“Dr. Norris is the real deal! She provides smart, thoughtful, discerning and probing guidance into the lived experiences of her patients. To engage her is to do work. She will not settle for passive participation of unexplored storytelling. You will not navel gaze in a woe-be-me spiral. Our sessions are spent with her encouraging me to ask critical questions of myself, my beliefs, my patterns of behavior, points of anxiety and areas requiring growth. Your life will change by being her patient. Mine certainly has changed. My understanding of myself has improved, thanks to our conversations. It has improved tremendously ever since I started working with her four years ago. I have nothing but admiration for the care Dr. Norris puts in her profession. I am thankful that she is able to work online as well. I'm going to continue to be her patient for as long as she'll have me!."

Regine J.

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